Im Januar 2020 hat der Förderverein für die Mächen der 10. Klasse das Projekt „Girls Arts Project“ mit der Künstlerin Verena Klary unterstützt. Gerne veröffentlichen wir die Zusammenfassung der Projekttage aus Sicht einer Schülerin:

On Friday 10/01/20 we met at the studio of Verena Klary, a local artist from Karlsruhe. We started the day with a little warm up. We had to line up by size, eye color and so on. After that we had a nice conversation in which we had to introduce our name and ourselves along with an object that we had brought.

So, we got to know the other girls and their stories even better. Afterwards we had time to get inspired by different texts from Billie Eilish, Rosa Parks, Sophie Scholl, Greta Thunberg etc. and also by Verena Klary’s paintings and her entire art work.

The next day we met at school with new energy and motivation. Like the day before, Mrs Passon offered us a little warm up. We were asked to find our favorite phrases from the texts we had collected the day before. We wrote the sentence on a poster and presented it to the other girls.

The atmosphere with the music made it a magical moment to all of us, because we all respected each other and what we wanted to share. After a snack at the buffet we had brought from home we started our own art work in small groups. We expressed in different ways who we are and what we wanted to tell the world.

We painted pictures, danced, took photos of each other and added language, made an interview and had a lot of fun during the whole project. In the end, a great video came out and we are thankful for this experience.

Jenny Oberst, year 10b